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The gist..

‘Writing’ has always been a passion before a part time profession, and to be honest, I didn’t think it was going to get me anywhere. 

Hi, my name is Aaliya Mohamed. I love food, travelling and fashion (like every average girl) and believe that ‘freedom’ is when you are UNAPOLOGETICALLY able to express yourself.

Am I a foodie?

An extremely cliché statement; obviously everyone loves eating! I realised my story was going to be much different when I found myself taking heed in things that didn’t interest the average foodie. Researching food facts and understanding flavours of everything I ate and drank, I did this every time I tasted something new and it soon grew in to a habit. I wont swallow unless its worth the calories- its got to be all out for nothing.

As a child I recall watching my Mom cook, spectating and questioning everything and if I was not convinced, I would read up myself. I LOVE LOVE BAKING and have a great palate for Desserts! It is my favourite course.

 The Urbane Grub kicked of as an Instagram blog in 2017 focusing solely on FOOD, where I technically uploaded pictures of everything I ate, drank and wandered with insights of nothing but accurate food facts and food trends that seemed to work for many.

life in a nutshell..

Growing up hasn’t been the fanciest for me although many may think otherwise. Born and raised among a culturally influenced community where Men always got away Scot free, never washed their tea cups and girls were often brainwashed into thinking they are ‘second best’, my empowered lifestyle is still not received by many. 

 The smallest life’s slip for a woman was the biggest deal and not even the ‘women’ related. You were expected to suck it up the name of  religion, family, society and reputation. There was no room for imperfections and imperfections are not acknowledged unless they are backed with big them notes.  I’m just grateful for the handful who have genuinely been there.

Hopeless in love, and always sidelined for ‘not being like the other girls’, I was never able to express my true identity and live a normal life among my own.  The exhaustion of living a lie, where life was always about what others expected of you and not what you truly believed, didn’t take me long to breakaway.  I soon expanded across ‘lifestyle’ and a hopefully a voice to all those who relate.

‘Fashion’ my full time..

 I initially contemplated a career in journalism but chickened out and settled for option 2 because I was horrible at Geography. (I’m truly terrible at it so don’t ever ask me for directions)

I graduated with first class honours in Fashion design and product development, and today, I am a full time fashion designer employed by one of Sri Lanka’s biggest apparel vendors of all time and that is very much a part of my life. I work with top international fashion labels across U.S.A and Europe and excel in the ares of Athleisure and Lingerie design.


I am not very big on adventure and nature, so my travels are mostly about understanding food trends and lifestyles. I love the fast pace lifestyle in NEW YORK city and have travelled U.S.A quite a bit for work.  Dublin, Spain, London, Hong Kong, India, and of course Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia from the far east, are a few countries checked off my bucket list.

Why I blog?

‘Writing’; my only form of expression, freedom and stress relief, has been extremely meaningful and rewarding from the very start.

Here’s why I love it!

-To learn more about food facts, international cuisines and lifestyles
-Travelling is so much more enjoyable and insightful when experiences are shared
-Sharing my home style recipes, easy food hacks and experimental quick fixes
-Being able to assist start up food business, cafes, restaurants and hotels, with honest feedback and recommendations
-To be the first to let you know the coolest places you should be eating/visiting
-Fashion, Beauty, health & well being are 3 life’s essentials I love to talk about every now and then
-Developing this blog into a source of income and using a share of it for special projects- to collaborate and support worthy causes.
Its been so much fun and a great deal to connect, share and grow through ‘The Urbane Grub’. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey ! Its time for a new leap

Happy reading..