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Tips to Guilt-free eating

Are you a crazy foodie, not much of a gymaholic and wish you can eat all your favourite food without worrying about weight gain? Well, so am I, and you are in the right place! 😀 Ever since I left school 11 years ago (2009) I’ve managed to maintain almost the same weight (5’3 & 55 kgs) and you’ll be surprised to see how.

To start off, I am not a nutritionist or dietitian of any sort, these are some old school simple hacks that will almost work for anyone.

Here are 5 super easy tips that I practice in order to keep my weight in-check!

5- Drink a lot of water

I don’t know what is is about water, but besides it being an amazing hydrator, contributes to boosting your metabolism (to a freaking great extent), in you and I terms, its simply helps trick my body into not eating unnecessarily or hoarding the fridge when I am bored. Seriously Helps!

4-Pace out your guilty pleasures

I’m personally someone who gets mad cravings quite regularly, but over time I’ve learnt that it’s all in the head and can be controlled. Maintaining this practice is so important if you want to be able to cut some slack for that uncalled cheat treat.

For instance, if I’m craving bucket of hot-drumlets, I will order it and eat every single piece in it ‘guilt-free’, but I will also make sure I don’t repeat at least for a good 3-4 days. This means, those 3-4 days are dedicated to ‘eating clean to the best of my ability’. (Don’t need to go hard on yourself, but remember, self control is KEY.

3- Portion control

Now we all know portion control is the most traditional practice most of us embrace while weight-watching, and its worked miracles for me too. If I want to enjoy a plate of rice I curry, I won’t hold back, but I will ensure 2/3’s of my plate comprises of vegetables and meats, and only 1/3 is my choice of crab. This also helps me ease off when I need to taste or review something unexpected and unhealthy :p

2- Early dinner

You’ll often hear many nutritionists recommend this for most body types. However, it works for me too. I try to get at least a good 10-12 hours between my dinner and a breakfast (the next day) so that it gives my body plenty of time to break down my food and digest, leaving me light and easy.

1- A wholesome breakfast

If your body clocks like a normal person, then you will understand how important a wholesome breakfast is. I’m personally someone who sleeps early and wakes up early, which means I have more hours in the day to spend and a nutritious breaky is soooooo soo soo important for me to sustain. This is the meal I ensure to incorporate all my nutrients so that my body and mind can get me through a productive day.

I hope you enjoyed this read and I hope these tips will come in handy too.

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