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Top 10 places to grub in CMB- 2020

Another year down and Colombo has doubled it’s options for places to dine. As much as my fav spots will forever remain the same, you’ll be surprised to see how many more have made the list! So get your palates ready for a gastronomic 2020!

(Note- the numbering does not indicate any form of ranking or order)


TWISTER- Casual dining

Twister is one of Colombo’s NEWEST food spots (launched Sept/Oct 2019) that serves up Turkish and German fusion food and is undoubtedly a 10/10 IMO. Its the closest I got to Istanbul after returning from my food tour there. Prices are super reasonable and food standards were spot on.

Fav dish (Turkish)- Doner chicken wrap with truffle sauce.

Fav dish (German)- Currywurst


STREET BURGER- casual dining

This place puts some of the best Burger chains to shame with their vibrant localised flavours and monster portions! ‘Street burger’ operated out of a food truck on marine drive and drastically caught the market in a short period of time. They now have an established restaurant on Marine drive.

Fav Burger- Everything on their menu!


BOWL’D- Healthy – casual dining

For the love of POKE BOWLS! This place always puts a smile on my face with their delicious rice bowls paired with the most flavoursome ingredients.  My favourite is the fire cracker chicken rice bowl. They also have some yummy appetizers and creative healthy desserts on their menu. Definitely recommending.

Fav dish- fire cracker chicken rice bowl.


GIOVANNI’S- pizzeria- casual dining

Sri Lankan’s have comfortably mastered the art of a brilliant Italian thin crust and as a result, pizzerias in Colombo are growing as fast as Chinese restaurants! Yeah! you’ll be surprised! lol

My favourite spot for gourmet pizza this year is non other than Giovanni’s. They are a small, home style, cosy restaurant that serves authentic wood fired brick oven pizzas with brilliant toppings packed with flavour.

Note- The place is small. Suggest you make a reservation in prior.


PASTAMANIA- Casual dining

If there’s one restaurant I know that NEVER compromises on food standards- it’s Pastamania.

This Singaporean chain opened doors in March 2018, and have never failed to deliver over the 2 years. Definitely recommending if you love your Italian affordably ‘done right’.  Their flagship restaurant is located on R.A De Mel Mawatha, but they also have an outlet on the 5th floor of the One Galle face mall.

Fav dish– The Sausage Salsiccia


TOSAKANTH – Cafe- Casual dining

Tosakanth roast paan simply walks the talk by taking Lankan food traditions to a whole new level! ‘Roast paan’ is a Lankan CLASSIC that could be enjoyed at any time of the day. Locals often love this bread (Paan) with traditional condiments like chilli coconut sambol (pol sambol) or fried onion sambol (seeni sambol) over a cup of hot Ceylon tea. Trust me, LIFE DOESN’T GET BETTER !

Loved the variety of fillings available here and the roast paan (made in house) is always fresh. Recommending your panini with a refreshing cup of ‘ Tinkiri Thea’ – AKA tea with condensed milk also served here.

Fav Panini- The seeni sambol and egg


PERSIAN COVE- Maqlooba – Pre-order-Delivery/Take out

Sri Lanka being the multi cultural nation we are, have an undying love for Biriyani, or anything that works along the same lines.

MAQLOOBA, is a middle eastern rice dish predominantly made famous in the Sri Lankan market by Persian cove. The rice is cooked in a broth of seasoned meat, traditional veggies, spices & herbs and thereafter flipped upside down; giving you Maqlooba. Each pot of Maqlooba is individually prepared, so, crazy attention to detail going on here.

Its a great dish tbh. Makes the perfect weekend family lunch!

Note- They only take pre-orders, so place your order at least 2 days in prior. Also the guy on the other side of their hotline seems a little confused, so be sure to be specific with your order and other details.

1 pot- Serves 8. 


BAYLEAF- Italian – Fine dining

Up on the list for the 2nd time as my all time favourite restaurant is non other than Bayleaf. The place specialises in authentic Italian cuisine ranging from all types of pastas, ravioli’s, carne (meats), pizzas and last but not least the finest wines.  I also noticed that their latest menu does have some interesting fusions incorporating local flavours too.

The ambience here is a combination of homely, warm and romantic, making it the kind of place you can dine with family as well as take someone on a date.


INDULGE- Desserts- casual dining

‘There’s always room for D E S S E R T‘ and here’s a place your sweet toot can pack away!

‘Indulge’ is a dessert bar (Opened early 2019) located on Stafford avenue. Their speciality is loaded crepes and waffles smothered in high quality chocolate and candies, but their menu also includes a range of other desserts and shakes.

NOTE- Portion quantities are fairly large. Splitting is recommended if a ‘sugar rush’ is not something you are interested in. lol

Fav Dessert- Rainbow Waffle -with dark and white Belgium chocolate topped with Smarties.



Still one of the best buffets I have been to in CMB! Focused, yet ZERO compromise on food standards, the Graze kitchen buffet at Hilton Colombo is a first class feast you must not miss! Take if from me- I know my buffets! 😛

NOTE- I repeat, the buffet is focused, limited but well put together. Its not a crazy spread, but I assure you won’t be disappointed.

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