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Top 10 places to grub in CMB -2019

COLOMBO is full of places to eat, from casual bistros, pizzerias and cafes, to fine dining hot spots, brasseries and trattorias,  CMB has it all and its only growing.

Here are 10 of my all time favourite restaurants for 2019 across healthy eating, fine dining,  casual dining, cafes and pizzeria’s. (Note- the numbering does not indicate any form of ranking or order)


Hilton Colombo’s every day buffet that hasn’t failed me once! In fact, its the BEST 5 start hotel buffet I have experience thus far. The guys serve up some of the cosiest soups, freshest cold salads, breads and sushi, diverse international cuisines for mains, grills, and some mouthwatering desserts that i am rating a 10/10 hands down.

Spending- High

The Sunday buffet at Graze kitchen

2-  RARE-

Fine dining at Uga residence is always luxury and tbh one those places I wont hesitate to spend. There’s indeed so much value for the money spent here with their great standard of food and amazing service. Their cocktails are top notch, finger food is amazing and meats are on point.

Fine dining Spending– High

Breakfast- Low- Mid

Breakfast Menu- Oats with Necto poached pairs (LKR700)


Movenpick’s latest Mediterranean restaurant, Santina Colombo is truly truly Mediterranean.  Living in Sri Lanka all my life, I personally LOVE my Asian spicy food, so the flavours and cooking styles associated with Mediterranean food never really won me over until I dined here. I must say it was a mind changing experience. Bags and bags of flavour in every dish we ordered and prices were reasonable for a restaurant of this nature.

Unfortunately, the hotel closed the restaurant in Feb 2019, but I was not going to miss out on sharing my experience with you.

Spending- High

Sea food duet (LKR2500)- Seer fish filet and prawns over a bed of fluffy rice and saffron cream sauce


I’m about to leave you with a whole variety of ASIAN FUSION CUISINES under one roof here at Robata grill! The restaurant is specialised in 7 distinct Asian cuisines namely Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Korean and Indonesian. Its the perfect place if you are feeling like Japanese and Chinese at the same time and its also ideal to host private parties or entertain guests.

Located at the Movnpick hotel, Colombo.

Spending- Mid- High

Asian Fusion Spread


Officially my favourite healthy eatery that serves up substantial portion quantities of TASTY healthy food and has great value for money. The place specialises in serving only super bowls and speaks loud for its name as every dish incorporates a generous quantity of quality super foods (so you know you are truly eating healthy).

Spending- Mid- high

Tuna protein bowl
(Small- LKR1150)

6- THE BAVARIAN (The German restaurant)

If there is one thing Colombo is missing in terms of restaurants, it’s good STEAKHOUSES.  Thank god for the German restaurant you can now grab yourself a perfect medium rare Australian Angus Sirloin that will meet your expectations.

Spending- High

Angus bone Rib eye steak (LKR5400)


If I had to pick my all time favourite from this list, its BAYLEAF hands down. Italian is another cuisine that has never been on my A list, but I’ve developed a new love for Pasta after dining here. I love how they maintain all those distinct Italian flavours and still manage to accommodate the Sri Lankan taste buds without a snag.

Spending- High (if you are going to do Italian right!- with wine of course! :P)

Filetto di manzo al pepe verde – Pan fried beef tenderloin with brandy cream sauce (LKR1900)


Wasted emotions and guilty pleasures aside, I got to give the place what it deserves, and that is great Sri Lankan Pizza. (Also the dog is worth it.)

This casual pizzeria is the only place in the CMB to serve pizza inspired of local flavours. Of course you do get a fair majority who enjoy their pizza authentic, thin crust and Italian, but most pizzeria’s in town cater to that. This invention by Arthur’s pizza seems to have got around the locals with their fiery toppings and long happy hours. Their signature the ‘chicken Nai Miris pizza’ is my personal favourite here.

Their main restaurant/pub is located in Mount lavinia (next to lion pub) , but they also have an express pizzeria on Havelock road.

Spending- Low- Mid








Nai miris half and half at Arthurs


This Japanese inspired coffee house is one of the prettiest cafes I have visited thus far. Absolutely love their sustainable take on wooden straws and all natural teas/drinks. The food here is Beyond creative. Elements of Japanese dishes incorporated in cafe style food, you find things like Teriyaki chicken bagels and Katsu sour dough toasties here.

Spending- Low- Mid

Teriyaki Bagel (LKR 950)

10- ZEN-

I’m not going to leave you hanging without a recommendation for a brilliant Japanese restaurant, that is non other than ZEN Japanese located inside of Zylan luxury villa in Roasmead place.

The place serves up some exceptional Japanese, but sadly struggles terribly with service. They are indeed priced slightly on the higher side but you wont go wrong with your order here (ps- good Japanese is not cheap). My fav dish here is the Tuna Soniya Salad.

Spending- High

Zen Special sonia salad



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