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Pasta la vista baby | Pastamania turns 1

Probably one of the fewest restaurants to maintain exceptional service, great food standards and zero compromise, this Singaporean chain launched in 2018 and completed 12 months this April 2019.

Celebrating 1 year with special invitees and the folks at Pastamania

Specialised in Italian cuisine, the restaurant is a cute little casual diner located on 502 R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3. They initially ran their international menu (that was only Italian inspired), but later branched out to serving Asian fusion pastas and pizzas with the intention of catering to the Sri Lankan audience more effectively. Sri Lankan’s are big on spices and vibrant flavours, so if there’s anything extra we would want in our Carbonara, its got to be peppers, peppers and more peppers.

Having dined here one too many times, here are my top picks!


My All time favourite and TOP TOP TOP recommendation here at Pastamania is the sausage salsiccia and even their management knows it. lol. Its like I don’t even look at the menu anymore I just order this.

A tomato based pasta dish that works bags of original flavours. What I love about the Italian specialities here is that its not overly seasoned and you can taste the ingredients in its most authentic form. (but to enjoy this like I do, you got to look at the dish from a different light, you got to appreciate Italian food for what it is, not compare it to the Sri Lankan pasta you are eating at home 😛 So no, its not swamped with chili’s or salt or pepper or carrots lol. However they give you additional condiments in case you want an extra dash)


The next inline for me is the beef pepperoni pizza. The highest number of pepperoni slices I have ever experienced on a pizza, this just walked the talk and was delicious.



Due to popular demand, the place soon branched out serving pasta more palatable to the Sri Lankan audience. They introduced a diverse range of Asian fusion pastas that jacked up their sales as predicted.  As much as I found these far eastern and Sri Lankan fusions creative, I will still opt for the my Italian favourites any day.

Here are my my recommendations from the Asian fusion menu.


My fav dessert at Pastamania are the dessert pizzas! The guys have 2 desserts pizzas on their menu (chocolate and strawberry) from which the strawberry and cream cheese IMO takes the cake! This luscious dessert pizza is smothered in cheese, topped with cookie crumble and a scoop of home churned vanilla gelato.

Note that the below image is a customised dessert pizza prepared for tasting purposes only. They don’t do half and half’s in general. You have to order the complete dessert in one flavour (LKR750)


There’s always plenty of gelato if you want to keep it classic because the place churns their own gelato in a range of flavors.

This chocolate wafer gelato comes with 2 scoops of chocolate gelato topped with chunky chocolate wafer squares, wafer swirls, cream and chocolate sauce. yummmmmmm!

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