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Thalappakatti here in SL

Dindigul thalappakatti is a well known south Indian food chain that has branched out internationally across India, Paris, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and now in Sri Lanka, specialised in serving authentic Indian B I R I Y A N I.

The chain has been in business for over 60 years now, serving first class Indian cuisine maintaining their traditional recipes passed down from generations.

They are located on De fonseka place, Colombo 5.

Their menu includes a wide range of other Indian specialities like tandoori breads, traditional south Indian soups, rottis, rice, grills, kebabs and a variety of dosas, but the hero for me was undoubtedly the BIRIYANI.


The hero dish for me and Thalappakatti’s signature- this biriyani was packed with authentic flavours. I loved that the rice was prepared in pure ghee and the boneless mutton was cooked to perfection, leaving no room for compromise. Portion quantities were very generous, if you aren’t much of an eater or ordering more items, this can easily be shared by 2 people.


In addition to the biriyani, we ordered some of the restaurants fast moving items from which the tangri chicken (LKR625) and paneer butter masala (LKR530) worked so well with the in house garlic naan (LKR200). This combo will also work very well with all their other tandoori breads like chappathis , phulkas or parothas, all costing below LKR200 per portion.


Attukal soup, AKA mutton leg soup, is a traditional south Indian broth that includes mutton leg as a core ingredient. The bones are cooked in the soup for a while causing it to leave natural bone stock and oils, further seasoned with salt, pepper and other herbs, giving it its unique taste. A bowl of this at Thalappakatti costs LKR420.


Our fat lunch here concluded with three freshly fried Gulab jamuns tossed in flavoured sugar syrup (LKR180). The guys do have a few other desserts on their menu, like ice creams, faloodas and milkshakes, but this is their signature GO TO.

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